Understanding Alzheimer's

Protecting Synapses in Adults: An Early Intervention for Alzheimer’s?

What do the developing brain and the Alzheimer’s brain have in common? Beth Stevens, Ph.D., a developmental neurologist, is investigating an important connection: the loss of synapses, where neurons connect with one another to transmit important signals.

Alzstream™ Webinar: How Leaky Brains Can Lead to Alzheimer's

Dr. Berislav Zlokovic discusses his research on the blood-brain barrier and how it becomes compromised with age, sometimes leading to Alzheimer's.

New Insights Into the Blood-Brain Barrier

Three recent discoveries have clarified one of the least-understood elements of Alzheimer’s disease: how the blood-brain barrier becomes compromised and contributes to the disease process.

New Research on Brain's Lymphatic System - Implications for Alzheimer's Disease

A recent study by researchers at the University of Virginia suggests previously unknown links between the body's immune system and the brain. According to Cure Alzheimer's Fund Research Consortium chairman Dr. Rudy Tanzi, these findings could be "absolutely game-changing" in the field of Alzheimer's research once confirmed.

Ending Alzheimer’s in Our Lifetime: From Genes to Therapies

Rudy Tanzi, Ph.D., professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School, presents “Ending Alzheimer’s in Our Lifetime: From Genes to Therapies” on July 10, 2014 at the Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center’s Summer Institute.

Our Mission

An introduction to the problem of Alzheimer's and Cure Alzheimer's Fund's approach to solving it.

This video was originally shown at our 2013 Fall Symposium.

Mission Critical: Save the Synapses

At its core, Alzheimer’s is a disease that disrupts communications between neurons (nerve cells) in the brain, and ultimately kills those neurons. Cure Alzheimer’s Fund has committed to understanding this destructive process as a necessary component to stopping the disease. To that end, it has recruited four of the world’s top experts in the field: University of California, San Diego’s Roberto Malinow, Stanford’s Robert Malenka and Thomas Südhof, and Rick Huganir at Johns Hopkins. 

Your Alzheimer’s Questions Answered: Q&A with Rudy Tanzi

We collected your questions about Alzheimer's from our fall symposium and social media and presented them to Dr. Rudy Tanzi, chairman of our Research Consortium. Watch the videos below!

Q&A with Dr. Rudy Tanzi: Alzheimer’s and Other Diseases

Rudy Tanzi, Ph.D., answers your questions about the relationship between Alzheimer's and other diseases, such as sleep apnea, MS and Parkinson's.