Phyllis Rappaport Updates Former College Classmates

In May, Phyllis Rappaport, Co-Founder, Director and Treasurer of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, spoke about the organization to a self-selected subgroup of her Boston-area Smith College reunion class.

Educating the Public, One Speaking Engagement at a Time

Massachusetts General Hospital’s Rudy Tanzi, Ph.D., Chair of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund’s Research Consortium, has been at the forefront of Alzheimer’s research for decades. But most recently, he has given interviews to many significant media outlets, helping to educate the general public about the growing threat of this debilitating disease. 

State of the Mind Events

State of the Mind research presentations are private gatherings of donors and prospective donors who come together to hear from a researcher about Alzheimer’s disease and the role Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is playing in eradicating it—funding research that leads to preventing, slowing or reversing the disease’s progression. These events highlight insights into the disease pathology and allow guests to ask questions and hear directly from a researcher. This past quarter, there were five different such receptions—two each in California and Florida, and one in New York.

Women and Alzheimer’s: A new website provides information, guidance and help

Women develop Alzheimer’s disease at twice the rate of men, and by the age of 75 a woman is three times more likely to have Alzheimer’s than a man. Now a new website created by one of the nation’s premier Alzheimer’s research support organizations, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, is committed to providing women with information dedicated to their struggle with this devastating illness. The website link is

The Alzheimer’s Piano—‘Making Memories’

Last fall, “Play Me, I’m Yours,” a public display featuring 60 pianos designed by local artists and placed in public spaces, returned to Boston. One of the pianos was designed by Newburyport, Massachusetts, artist Jeff Monahan. “Making Memories” featured large word graphics to show the connection between music and the brain.

Women Against Alzheimer's

In 2013, Sally Rosenfield, senior vice president at Cure Alzheimer's Fund, joined the Women Against Alzheimer’s (WA2) Network Founding Board in Washington, D.C. WA2 is one of the networks established by UsAgainstAlzheimer’s engaged in advocacy and education for the disease.

Alumni Reunite

Henry McCance and Jeff Morby, co-chairmen and co-founders of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund and Harvard Business School (HBS) alumni, had their respective 50th and 55th reunions in June.

Morby made a presentation to 100 attendees of his reunion about the pathology of Alzheimer’s disease and the major research initiatives that have been funded by Cure Alzheimer’s Fund.

Tim Armour Pens Op-Ed for Huffington Post

In a recent op-ed piece for Huffington Post Science, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund president and CEO Tim Armour makes the case for optimism regarding Alzheimer’s research.

Project for Awesome: Cure Alzheimer's Fund

High school students Anjali Chakradhar, Sathya Edamadaka and Emily Huang created this video about Cure Alzheimer's Fund as part of 2015's Project For Awesome campaign. We're so thankful to them for helping to raise awareness about this important cause.

A Battle Against Time: Greg O'Brien

The Chronicle (Channel 5, WCVB) follows author and journalist Greg O'Brien, recounting his personal battle with Alzheimer's and his determination to fight back against the disease.

This is the first of four segments in "A Battle Against Time". Watch the rest of the show at the links below:
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This series was awarded a New England Emmy for excellence in reporting.