Published Papers

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is proud to present a list of published papers that result from Cure Alzheimer’s Fund support. Most of the papers grow out of the Alzheimer’s Genome Project™ (AGP), as that is where most of our investment has gone. The AGP has met its goal of identifying most of the remaining genes that affect risk or provide protection from Alzheimer’s disease in three years for about $3 million. Some 70 genes have been newly identified and now are available for follow up by Cure Alzheimer’s Fund-supported researchers and others. The other papers represent innovative and in most cases collaborative investigations of more “translational” research–research enabled by the discovery of the first four genes that have been known to the field for some time. These papers point to ways for potentially faster development of therapies that affect the disease mechanism, not just the symptoms. We thank all the researchers and lab personnel for their dedication and commitment to the common mission of ending this disease, and we congratulate all of them for the important work reflected in these papers. We also are grateful to all of those who literally made this work possible. Without those of you who have supported Cure Alzheimer’s Fund projects through your generosity, these papers and the momentum forward they represent would not exist.


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Hannah Brautigam, Cesar L. Moreno, John W. Steele, Alexey Bogush, Dara L. Dickstein, John B.J. Kwok, Peter R. Schofield, Gopal Thinakaran, Paul M. Mathews, Patrick R. Hof, Sam Gandy, and Michelle E. Ehrlich, Physiologically generated presenilin 1 lacking exon 8 fails to rescue brain PS1−/− phenotype and forms complexes with wildtype PS1 and nicastrin, Scientific Reports, 5, 2015, 17042
B Readhead, J-V Haure-Mirande, B Zhang, V Haroutunian, S Gandy, EE Schadt, JT Dudley, and ME Ehrlich, Molecular systems evaluation of oligomerogenic APPE693Q and fibrillogenic APPKM670/671NL/PSEN1Δexon9 mouse models identifies shared features with human Alzheimer’s brain molecular pathology, Molecular Psychiatry, November 2015, 1-13
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Octavian Adam, M.D., Christine L. Mac Donald, Ph.D., Dennis Rivet, M.D., John Ritter, M.D., Todd May, D.O., Maria Barefield, O.T.D., Josh Duckworth, M.D., Donald LaBarge, M.D., Dean Asher, M.D., Benjamin Drinkwine, M.D., Yvette Woods, Ph.D., Michael Connor, Psy.D. and David L. Brody, M.D., Ph.D., Clinical and imaging assessment of acute combat mild traumatic brain injury in Afghanistan, Neurology, 85(3), 21 July 2015, 219-227
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