Annual Report 2012

Our Research Influence

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund finances high potential research, some of it in the “proof of concept” stage, which might not be funded initially by the National Institutes of Health or other funders. This “pump priming” is proving increasingly successful, as more of our early-stage grants are leveraged into more substantial and longer-term funding. Another indicator of success are the number of peer-reviewed papers that Cure Alzheimer’s Fund researchers have published, and the number of times those papers have been cited by other investigators.
2012 grant recipients include*:
  • Can Zhang, M.D, Ph.D. (Tanzi lab) AGP Phase II Project, received NIH/NIA K99 grant
  • Steven Wagner, Ph.D., GSM Project, received NIH Blueprint Neurotherapeutics UO1 award
  • Sangram Sisodia, Ph.D., Abeta Deposition Project, received NIH grant
  • Dora Kovacs, Ph.D., ACAT Inhibitor Project, received NIH R01 grant and renewal
  • David Holtzman, M.D., Regional, Synaptic, Cellular Modulation of Abeta Metabolism Project,
    received HIH-NINDS grant
  • David Holtzman, M.D., Sleep, Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease Project, received Senior Scholar Award,
    Ellison Medical Foundation  
  • Giuseppina Tesco, M.D., Ph.D., TBI and Stroke Relationship to AD, received 2 RO1 grants
  • Samuel Gandy, M.D., Ph.D., SorCS1 Study, received NINDS RO1 grant

*As reported by Cure Alzheimer’s Fund-funded researchers.

NOTE: For a full listing of published papers supported by Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, see