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Isn't Alzheimer's just part of getting old?

No, Alzheimer’s is not a normal part of the aging process.

All parts of our bodies change as we age and this includes the brain. As people get older, they notice slowed thinking and changes in memory. However, the changes in memory associated with Alzheimer’s are not part of normal aging. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive, irreversible and fatal brain disease.

Memories are Everything: Alan Arnette wraps up his year long journey

Dear Friends,

It is rare to have an opportunity to combine a personal passion with something critical to the future of your family. Over the past year, I was fortunate to combine my passion for mountain climbing with a global effort to raise awareness and money for Alzheimer’s research.

PBS "The Forgetting: A Portrait of Alzheimer's" Follow up Show

Cure Alzheimer's Fund's Dr. Rudy Tanzi was recently featured on a recent PBS rebroadcast of 2004 Emmy award winning The Forgetting: A Portrait of Alzheimer's.  Tanzi appeared on an expert panel in a newly produced 30-minute follow-up to provide up to the minute perspectives on current Alzheimer’s research, emerging drug therapies and caregiving.

The Forgetting is a pioneering example of how health programming can raise awareness, launch educational initiatives, and offer local connections and resources for viewers and their families.

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Drug Update: Perspective on Two New Alzheimer's Drugs that Have Failed

Two new Alzheimer's drugs, Flurizan (Myriad) and Bapineuzumab (Wyeth/Elan), failed clinical trials. Cure Alzheimer's Fund's Dr. Rudy Tanzi offers some prespective on these drugs.

Read the CNN Money Myriad (Flurizan) press release here

Read the ABC News report on Flurizan

Read the Wyeth/Elan bapineuzumab press release here

Clinical Trial Update
By Dr. Rudolph Tanzi, Massachusetts General Hospital

The results of two clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) based on the “amyloid (Αβ) hypothesis of AD” were recently released -- flurizan (Myriad) and bapineuzumab (Wyeth/Elan).  These therapies are aimed at slowing disease progression by curbing the accumulation of Αβ in the brain.

Tanzi featured in Los Angeles Times op-ed on Alzheimer's

June 8, 2008 Los Angeles Times opinion piece by author and Middlebury scholar Sue Halpern says the years of Alzheimer's research may be paying dividends with new treatments that will stave off the disease.

Halpern quotes Cure Alzheimer's Fund Dr. Rudy Tanzi explaining the disease: "The main place where a-beta 42 does its work is in the synapse. So every minute of the day, an Alzheimer patient is producing a-beta 42, for one reason or another, and it's accumulating in the brain ... it's accumulating ... in the synapse. Way, way before the plaques form, you get tiny little aggregates of a-beta 42. The peptides stick together and they get into the synapse and they disrupt the most basic synaptic function for learning and memory."

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More on Tanzi Testimony at Senate Hearing on Alzheimer's

Cure Alzheimer's Fund's Dr. Rudy Tanzi's submitted answers to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s questions from the May 14, 2008, Senate Special Committee on Aging “The Future of Alzheimer’s: Breakthroughs and Challenges”

Tanzi Testifies Before Senate on Latest Progress of Fast-Track Effort to Map Genes for Alzheimer's

Dr. Tanzi Testifies Before Senate

Washington, May 14, 2008 – Mapping the sequence of the genes susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease provides a novel avenue for potential treatment while also improving the ability to predict risk for Alzheimer’s early in life, Dr. Rudolph Tanzi, chairman of the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Research Consortium, told the Senate Special Committee on Aging at a hearing today on the disease.

A Quick Video Look at Alzheimer's Disease

Award winning, national-best selling author David Shenk takes a unique look at Alzheimer’s through a series of four very-short animated films aimed at increasing the understanding of Alzheimer's disease. Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Dr. Rudy Tanzi served in an advisory role to help produce these films. They can be accessed and downloaded at the Web site. The films are free for non-commercial use by anyone at anytime.

McCance joins Alzheimer's Study Group to Develop National Strategy dealing with Alzheimer's Disease

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund co-founder Henry McCance has been invited to join the Alzheimer’s Study Group (ASG). The private, non-partisan group will be working hard through this year to form a national strategy to deal effectively with the growing tragedy of Alzheimer’s disease.

Co-chaired by former Speaker of the House and Founder of the Center for Health Transformation Newt Gingrich and former Senator and President of the New School, Bob Kerrey, the ASG is composed of a panel of notables who have committed to develop an Alzheimer’s action plan for the nation by the summer of 2008.

Tomorrow's Leader in Alzheimer's Disease Research Award

The Alzheimer’s Association, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, and the Lou Ruvo Brain Institute award the Tomorrow’s Leader in Alzheimer’s Disease Research prize, honoring the legacies of two pioneering Alzheimer researchers – George G. Glenner, M.D., and Leon J. Thal, M.D. The award intends to recognize the work of promising M.D. or Ph.D. Alzheimer’s disease investigators who have made pivotal recent contributions to the goal of eliminating Alzheimer’s.