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Rock Stars of Science Website goes Live

Rock stars and researchers, including Cure Alzheimer’s Fund’s Sam Gandy and Rudy Tanzi, shared the spotlight in the June GQ magazine. Now the related website is live with expanded interviews and photos. Learn more about the how scientists and rock stars are working together to accelerate cures for our most threatening diseases.

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GQ Magazine to feature Cure Alzheimer's Fund's Tanzi and Gandy as "Rock Stars of Science"

Photo credit: Ben Watts

Nationally recognized Cure Alzheimer’s Fund researchers Dr. Rudy Tanzi and Dr. Sam Gandy add another distinction to their scientific careers as they join rock celebrities Sheryl Crow, Josh Groban, hip hop artist and X-Men Origins: Wolverine co-star Will-i-am, Aerosmith’s Joe Perry; and Seal for a designer menswear photo shoot as a “Rock Star of Science” in the June issue of GQ Magazine, available nationally on May 25, 2009.

The Boston Globe wrote an editorial in support of the Geoffrey Beene/GQ "Rock Stars of Science" campaign.  Click here to read the editorial

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Click here to see the profile on Dr. Tanzi on the "Rock Stars of Science" web site

Click here to see the profile on Dr. Gandy on the "Rock Stars of Science" web site

Q&A with President Tim Armour on Cure Alzheimer's Financial Position

The news media has been reporting dramatic drops in endowments and in funding for non-profits. How is Cure Alzheimer’s Fund doing?

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund has no endowment and we keep what funds are left after distribution to research and expenses in money market funds so we can have ready access to money to fund research. Therefore, we are not as exposed to quick changes in the market as many other non-profits are. We have not experienced the losses that so many non-profits are facing right now.

Cure Alzheimer's Fund's Tanzi & Gandy featured on "On Call + Alzheimer's" has launched an online Alzheimer's disease resource featuring informative tips and facts to help people better understand this devastating disease. The site features videos of Alzheimer's experts and researchers answering questions about risk factors, research, latest treatments and other issues impacting people living with the disease and the people who care for them.

Cure Alzheimer's Fund's Dr. Rudy Tanzi and Dr. Sam Gandy are two of the experts highlighted on the web site. Videos of Tanzi and Gandy answering a series of questions about the disease can be found on the site under "Alzheimer's Questions" in the "Risk Factor & Prevention" and "Diagnosing Alzheimer's" areas.

Click here to see Dr. Tanzi answer "Are the genes for Alzheimer's known?

Click here to see Dr. Gandy answer "What is Alzheimer's Disease?"
Click here to visit the ABCNewsonline On + Alzheimer's web site

Helmsley Trust Awards $300,000 Grant to Cure Alzheimer's Fund

Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust announced today it has awarded a $300,000 grant to Cure Alzheimer’s Fund.

Three Winners of New Award for Younger Researchers Announced by Coalition of Alzheimer Organizations

Annual Awards Support “Tomorrow’s Leaders in Alzheimer’s Disease Research;”

Honor Legacies of Drs. George Glenner and Leon Thal

April 9, 2008 – A coalition of leading Alzheimer’s disease organizations today announced the first three recipients of “Tomorrow’s Leaders in Alzheimer’s Disease Research” prizes; a new award mechanism to recognize outstanding young scientists in Alzheimer’s and dementia research.

Amyloid beta protein may be a defense against Microbes!

Moir Photo
Dr. Rob Moir

Researcher Dr. Rob Moir, a member of the Cure Alzheimer's Fund Oligomer Collaborative, and researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, presented research supported by Cure Alzheimer's Fund in March to the International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease/Parkinson's Disease that points to evidence that the Abeta peptide, acknowledged to be implicated in the cause of AD, may in fact be a "part of our evolutionary ancient innate immune system." The work is a collaboration between Dr. Moir, Dr. Rudy Tanzi, Chair of the Cure Alzheimer's Fund Research Consortium, and infectious disease expert, Dr. James Kirby (Harvard Medical School).

Read the entire article by AlzForum's Gabrielle Strobel >

Glabe Paper Helps Confirm Prana Drug Strategy

A paper released on April 1, 2009, in the Journal of Neuroscience corroborates Prana’s strategy to treat Alzheimer’s disease patients.

Says Dr. Charles Glabe, an author of the paper and member of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Research Consortium, “these results are very exciting news for understanding the mechanism of Alzheimer’s pathogenesis. They help elucidate the fundamental role of metal ions like zinc in causing the formation of Abeta oligomers which damage synapses.”

While this paper did not have Cure Alzheimer’s Fund support, nor has Cure Alzheimer’s Fund supported the work of  Prana, an Australian biotech company, the concepts involved have been central to investigations by Cure Alzheimer’s Fund’s Oligomer Collaborative, of which Dr. Glabe has been a part. (See the Oligomer Collaborative on our website. ) Please note that Dr. Rudy Tanzi, Chair of the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Research Consortium, is a founder of  Prana and endorses its pursuit of therapeutic interventions through anti-Abeta oligomer drugs such as Prana’s PBT2.

Independent Study Corroborates Prana's Strategy to Treat Alzheimer's Disease Patients>

Nightline Features Alzheimer's Story and Appearance by Cure Alzheimer's Researcher, Sam Gandy

Terry Moran, ABC news correspondent, shares his personal story of facing Alzheimer’s and getting his DNA tested for the disease. This segment also features Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Research Consortium member Dr. Sam Gandy participating in an upcoming GQ article spotlighting “rock-star” Alzheimer’s scientists photographed with real rock stars including Sheryl Crow, Will I Am and members of Aerosmith. Look for the issue of GQ on newsstands May 15th.

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Q&A on National Research Agenda

Getting to a Cure

Why do we need a National Strategy?


  • The cost of care for Alzheimer’s patients will overwhelm Medicare and Medicaid if not checked within the next few years.
  • With funding from private and public sources heavily constrained, it is essential to make each research dollar count. There is enough consensus in the AD research community now to posit a direction for further research that will maximize resources and minimize the time to a cure.