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Couple Works to End Alzheimer's Disease

Jake and Jackie - Fighting Alzheimer's Disease Our intern, Jake Perten, was featured in The Weston Town Crier this week for his work to raise awareness about Alzheimer's Disease! It's a pretty charming story about how he and his girlfriend, Jackie Greb, both ended up working toward the same cause...without even realizing it...

Life is full of coincidences, and no one knows this better than Jake Perten and Jackie Greb, two 19-year-old residents of Wayland and Weston, respectively, who recently celebrated their six-month anniversary as a couple. Despite the close proximity of their hometowns, the pair didn’t meet until their freshman year of college – at Washington University in St. Louis, of all places. However, the greater coincidence came this summer, when both landed internships at separate organizations. Perten, who has a background in marketing and a passion for philanthropy, began work as a marketing intern at the Wellesley-based nonprofit Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. He soon learned that Greb too was working to cure Alzheimer’s, acting as an assistant in a Massachusetts General Hospital Alzheimer’s research lab. But it eventually became clear their work was more than mildly related. While Perten spent his days raising awareness about Cure Alzheimer’s Fund on the Web, Greb immersed herself in examining certain genes to determine whether they might be associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Her research was financially supported by Cure Alzheimer’s Fund...

You can read the full story HERE. Way to go Jake!

Cure Alzheimer's Fund Closes 2008 with a Huge Win!

We set out three years ago to jumpstart progress toward a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and we are succeeding.

  • The Alzheimer’s Genome Project™ (AGP), targeting the full set of Alzheimer’s genetic risk factors, identified seventy new genes, a tremendous result and truly breakthrough research.New genes open extensive novel scientific avenues for better understanding the disease and development of effective therapies.
  • Publications announcing these results have begun and findings will continue to be announced in coming months.
  • Other funded work, such as the AlzGene tool which allows researchers around the world to share and analyze information, is driving progress forward in unprecedented ways.

The personal and economic impact of Alzheimer’s is enormous and the path to a cure is through research.

Major Milestone Achieved

When we first met with Dr. Rudy Tanzi to discuss Cure Alzheimer's Fund, we asked him two things:

  1. Can you recruit a group of first-class Alzheimer’s researchers to guide us in our investment in basic research into the causes of the disease?

  2. What is the most important first step we can take to truly make a difference?

Dr. Tanzi answered the first question by assembling the group of researchers known as the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Research Consortium. They answered the second question thusly: find all the genes that contribute to risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Tanzi estimated that task would take about three years and about $3 million. He was right.

Update from the Board - December 2007

Dear Friends:

With the holidays approaching and the conclusion of 3 years of progress at Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, we are grateful for your support and excited about the challenges ahead.

The Progress. We are funding 17 research projects in 8 different outstanding research institutions across the nation. 

Letter from the Co-Founders, Fourth Quarter 2006

Hello Friends,

First, a hearty thank you to all of you who have supported us.  Your money has been put to good use.  The first operating year of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund has been most gratifying for the founders, donors, researchers --- all of us committed to doing what we can to end the scourge of Alzheimer’s disease in our lifetime.


Phyllis Rappaport
Phyllis Rappaport,
Founding Board Member

A Founding Board member of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, Phyllis chairs the board of the Jerome Lyle Rappaport Charitable Foundation, and is a director of New Boston Fund, Inc., a real estate investment company with $1.5 billion assets under management.  Her diverse management career includes senior positions at a Fortune 50 technology company, and she has an extensive background in public and non-profit service.  She serves on college, hospital, museum, and public policy boards in Boston and Cambridge.

Perspective: A Letter from Henry McCance

Photo of Henry McCance
Henry McCance, Founding Board Member

Henry McCance is a Founding Board member of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund and Chairman of Greylock Partners, a leading venture capital firm with a distinguished and highly successful record of company building. His family situation brought him to this effort as his words describe here.

Venture! From the Chairman of the Board: Jeffrey Morby

To capitalize on this rare “science moment” as Rudy (Tanzi) calls it, we are committed to focused, disciplined funding of targeted research which we refer to as the Venture approach. All of our Founders have strong business backgrounds, and two of us are long-time venture capitalists. We have all made careers from betting on people who rose to excellence and on providing the best resources available to help them achieve their potential. That is the approach we are bringing to Cure Alzheimer’s Fund.

Welcome from the Board

Jeffrey Morby
Jeffrey Morby, Chairman, Cure Alzheimer's Fund

Welcome to the Cure Alzheimer's Fund website. This is an auspicious time for accelerating Alzheimer's disease research. More of us unfortunately are touched by this disease as friends, relatives and associates are afflicted. Additionally, as the "boomers" enter the most dangerous Alzheimer's age range (60+), we threaten to swamp our already fragile healthcare system.

Join us for a presentation at Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital

Please join us Wednesday, September 16th, 2009 for a presentation at Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital: The Alzheimer’s Genome Project: From Genes to Therapies by Dr. Rudy Tanzi.