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LEAD Releases Recommendations to the National Alzheimer’s Project Act Advisory Council

Leaders Engaged in Alzheimer’s Disease (LEAD), an open coalition of Alzheimer’s research, care and advocacy communities in which Cure Alzheimer's Fund is an active member, meets regularly to review progress toward a more rational and effective approach to eradicating Alzheimer's.

Alan Arnette Summits Mt. Kosciuszko, Finishes 7 Summits Campaign

On Oct. 26, Alan Arnette summitted Mt. Kosciuszko to complete his 7 Summits for Alzheimer's: Memories are Everything campaign. Arnette embarked on the climbs last November to raise funds and awareness for Alzheimer's research, and said:

“While these climbs may be over, my climbing is not…I hope to share my experiences of climbing and Alzheimer’s as much as possible and continue sending our message of hope, need and urgency…So this is a milestone, not the start or the end.” Alan’s dispatch also includes a number of thank you’s to people who have supported him this past year.

Rudy Tanzi Interviewed on New Technology for Alzheimer's

TheVisualMD has announced a new health initiative on Alzheimer's disease, a project that is anchored by the creation of a digital e-booklet that helps non-researchers better understand Alzheimer's. Dr. Rudy Tanzi, chairman of Cure Alzheimer's Fund Research Consortium, was interviewed about the new initiative:
"There is a great degree of confusion in the general public about the causes of dementia, Alzheimer's disease and age-related memory problems. This comprehensive educational initiative will go a long way to demystify these issues."

Wellesley Hairdresser Raising Awareness, Money for Alzheimer’s Research

Boston October Symposium To Educate Public on Alzheimer’s Disease

Wellesley, Mass.--Local hairdresser and salon owner Barbara Canty knows the toll that Alzheimer’s Disease can take on a family. Five years ago, Canty’s father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and her experience caring for him has made her realize the importance of searching for a cure.

Steve Wagner Receives NIH ‘Blueprint’ Grant

The CAF approach is working.

UC San Diego neuroscientist Steve Wagner, a previous recipient of two substantial grants from Cure Alzheimer’s Fund (CAF), has been awarded a $1 million NIH “Blueprint” grant for the fast-track development of a promising Alzheimer’s drug therapy.

“This is further validation of our venture model,” says CAF President and CEO Tim Armour. “We’ve always been willing to take considerable risk for the prospect of faster progress. Steve’s project is a sterling example of why our founders adopted this strategy. Thanks in part to CAF’s support for Wagner’s research, the world is now much closer to a promising new class of Alzheimer’s drugs.”

Two Journeys Converge on the Road to a Cure

While many of us enjoyed the barbecues and beach festivities typical of summer, Glenn Caffery and Alan Arnette were doing something atypical. Instead of lounging by the pool, Caffery ran 3,312 miles across the northern United States—from Oregon to Rhode Island—with just a jogging stroller for his supplies, and Alan Arnette climbed two of the highest peaks in the world—Denali (Mount McKinley) in Alaska and Mount Elbrus in Russia.

David Shenk Joins CAF Team

Award-winning author and popular speaker David Shenk, whose book The Forgetting is widely considered one of the best ever written about Alzheimer’s, has joined Cure Alzheimer’s Fund as a senior adviser. Shenk will be deeply involved with writing, events and fundraising on a project basis at CAF.

Alzheimer’s Research Symposium in Boston Oct. 18

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund To Host Panel Discussion on Alzheimer’s
 Robert Bazell, NBC Chief Science and Health Correspondent, Will Moderate Panel

Alan Arnette Featured on The Huffington Post

Alan Arnette and his 7 Summits Climb For Alzheimer's: Memories are Everything campaign were recently featured on The Huffington Post. Arnette writes:

New Report Reveals Key Alzheimer’s Protein Discovered in Brain Fluid of Healthy Mice

Finding Opens New Research Methods For Treatment of Disease