Find updates on the work of our researchers here, as well as news about recent advances in Alzheimer's science, funding and awareness.

Philadelphia-Area Donors and Friends Meet

A group of 58 donors and guests met recently outside Philadelphia, to listen to updates on current Alzheimer’s research. David Shenk, author of The Forgetting, and Dr. Virginia Lee of The University of Pennsylvania spoke about current investigative trends. Local host and IT consultant Cathy Ingham welcomed the group by explaining her reason for becoming involved with Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. Cathy lost her father to the disease just weeks before. “What happened to my dad should not happen to anyone.

Research Consortium Member David Holtzman’s Latest Paper Published in Journal of Neuroscience

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Research Consortium member David Holtzman’s latest paper has been published in the Journal of Neuroscience, addressing how Alzheimer’s plaques affect brain networks.

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund and Rudy Tanzi featured on Florida WINK News

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund received spotlight attention in Naples, Fla., thanks to Dr. Rudy Tanzi, one of the nation’s top Alzheimer’s researchers and Cure Alzheimer’s Fund’s Research Consortium chairman. Tanzi spoke with WINK News to address the progress he’s made in his Alzheimer’s Genome Project™, a project that Cure Alzheimer’s Fund has strongly supported since 2005.

Rudy Tanzi Joins Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health, Eric Lander of the Broad Institute and Others to Explore Genetic Testing on NOVA

Last week, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Research Consortium chairman Rudy Tanzi was featured on NOVA in a segment concerning genetic testing. The special followed several cases of people affected by genetic testing, showing both its benefits and challenges. NOVA only briefly touched on Alzheimer’s disease, but provided a comprehensive explanation of how genetic testing works and how it can be used to better develop medical research, disease treatments and illness prevention.

The Case for Cure Alzheimer's Fund: Through the Eyes of a Seasoned Fundraiser Diagnosed with Alzheimer's

As a nationally recognized expert in planned giving and family philanthropy, Charles Collier has worked with hundreds of individuals and families to help them shape their philanthropy, make tax-wise gift decisions and deal with family issues surrounding financial wealth. Formerly the senior philanthropic adviser at Harvard University for 25 years, Collier also has held development positions at Princeton, Brown, Andover and Dartmouth.

Alzheimer's and Diabetes: Finding the Common Origin

Alzheimer’s disease and Type II diabetes long have been observed to have a clinical connection, with patients with diabetes more than twice as likely as those without the disease to develop Alzheimer’s. But the precise nature of this connection has been a mystery until recently. Over the last few years, research projects funded by Cure Alzheimer’s Fund and others have helped bring us much closer to an understanding of the molecular connection—and, potentially, to effective treatments for both diseases.

Advocates Win 'Exceptional' Boost for Alzheimer's Research

Researcher Rudolph Tanzi is quoted extensively in Science Magazine's recent article concerning the Obama administration's decision to increase funding for Alzheimer's disease research. The decision, announced last week, includes an increase of $80 million for research, as well as the reprogramming of $50 million from the National Institutes of Health's annual budget. As Tanzi stated, "it's persistence" from the lobbyists that finally has made this disease a national priority.

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund’s Response to NAPA

On Feb. 22, 2012, the Department of Health and Human Services issued the first “Draft National Plan to Address Alzheimer’s Disease." The plan is mandated by the National Alzheimer’s Project Act (NAPA), bipartisan legislation signed into law in January 2011 by President Obama. NAPA’s goals are to:

Create and maintain an integrated national plan to overcome Alzheimer’s disease which will:

Bexarotene, a new wonder drug for Alzheimer’s?

Dr. Gary Landreth and colleagues at Case Western Reserve published a paper online in Science Express yesterday that received much attention because of the rather stunning results it reports in stopping and even reversing “a broad range of Abeta-induced deficits."