Annual Report 2012

Letter from the President

Dear Friends,

Thank you. 2012 has been our best year yet—financially, scientifically and in meaningful commitment to our cause. We are determined to build on this momentum.

In the realm of fundraising, it was a banner year. Our founders and board members continue to cover the foundation’s overhead costs as well as contribute substantially to research. We also are blessed with a solid core of longtime supporters who have provided sustaining support since our inception. In addition to these two bulwark groups, we added a large number of new donors in 2012 through referrals and intensive media outreach.

The accompanying charts tell this story vividly. We welcomed more than 2,000 new donors in 2012 and raised more than $6.5 million, a substantial increase from last year’s $4.3 million. This impressive growth came from a wide variety of sources, including individuals giving small gifts, corporations matching employee donations and one generous new donor who gave $1 million. Alzheimer’s cannot be defeated without a broad base of support; ours is expanding month by month.

Driving this growth, we believe, is a mounting awareness of our stellar research program. While we continue to focus on rooting out the fundamental causes of Alzheimer’s, we also are much closer now to true drug development. (Please read the letters from our chairman and Research Consortium chair for the impressive specifics.) To make the public even more aware of our progress, we have employed new ways to reach out, including our annual fall symposium in Boston (streamed online); webinar interviews with our groundbreaking researchers; social media activity using Facebook, Twitter and our website; videos on YouTube; and speaking opportunities at events around the country.

In addition to our new funders, we are honored to have a number of volunteer efforts from “local heroes” who take it upon themselves to climb mountains, swim oceans, complete the Appalachian Trail and host runs and walks to raise money for Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. We salute the courage and tenacity of these champions. They inspire us all to work harder for the cause. 

No one is more grateful for your support than our scientists. While other funding sources around the country are decreasing, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is able to step into the breach to provide fast and flexible funding for the best ideas. Looking forward, we’re hopeful we can make 2013 our most impressive funding year yet. Because much of our new support arrived near the end of the year, we expect to see a very significant increase in our research funding in the first quarter of 2013.

We are grateful beyond words to all who have made this success possible. If you have not yet joined this winning team, please consider doing so now. We need you.

Sincerely yours,

Timothy W. Armour
President and CEO, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund