Our Heroes

Cure Alzheimer's Fund has raised over $50 million for Alzheimer's disease research — and we couldn't have done it without the support of amazing individuals like the ones featured here. Our Heroes are fundraising for us all over the globe by organizing everything from races to tournaments to concerts to benefit Cure Alzheimer's Fund.

Michael Bell

I am biking 3501 miles across North America from Everett WA to Boston MA, 113 miles per day for a month. The longest ride of my life symbolizes the huge challenge of tackling dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Katie McCullough and Charlie Schrier

Dear friends and family, 

Shannon Roland

I found my love for backpacking in college and have been hiking all over the United States and New Zealand for the past few years. Now as I gear up to hike the Continental Divide trail, I wanted to make all of this walking more meaningful, to not only me, but to those around me.

Michael Kintzer

Hi!  I have decided to raise money to help fight Alzheimer’s disease.  Alzheimer’s is a progressive brain disease that causes problems with memory, reasoning, behavior and motor skills.  The disease is ultimately fatal.  In May 2015, my Poppy Howie died from this disease and for the past 2 years my Grandpa Jerry has been struggling daily with memory loss and every day activities.  So for me, Alzheimer’s disease has had a big impact on my life.

Macia Falgas

After years of cycle touring, I have come across several cyclists (on the road and on the net) who decided to ride for a cause. They have all said that raising money for a charity is a way to give your trip a meaning, a purpose, something that will help others. 

Kendra Blankenship

Just imagine you have just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, a debilitating disease with no cure in sight. As a crescendo of emotions, such as fear and depression, run through your head like a racecar flying at 200 MPH, you begin to worry about the future, as you know you will lose more than just your memories. Your behavior will change; you may act in ways you never dreamed of doing. You may become paranoid of people around you, strangers, caretakers, and even the ones you love.  Eventually it will become very difficult to walk, eat, and speak.

Janet Hilts and Susan Hilts Brown

We’re Janet Hilts and Susan Hilts Brown, twin sisters. Our dear friend Alexander has been our close buddy since we were in diapers and now has early onset Alzheimer's. As we help care for him, we’re training in our hills and raising money for the cure at the same time. We’re no athletes, but we walked a marathon to celebrate our 60th birthday. Now, three years later, we’re preparing for another marathon in honor of our beloved friend and all who suffer from this disease.

MJ and Garrett Stone

We would like to include a donation option in lieu of wedding gifts and are excited to help support a fund that helps progress towards a cure for Alzheimer’s.  

We have both seen the debilitating affects the disease takes on our own family members and therefor, have chosen to support the Cure Alzheimer's Fund.  

The Gang Family

Alzheimer's disease has unfortunately touched our family as it has for far too many families. Michael's father, Stanley, was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and it is slowly taking away many of Stanley's fond memories of his grandchildren, daughter-in-law and sons who all adore him. It is so sad to see a man who is so brilliant, accomplished and loving, impaired with this disease.


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